Who we are

The teachers and students at Lake Forest Aikikai come from all walks of life, all ages, and all diversities to train together for a common purpose. We train and support each other's physical, mental, and spiritual growth in Aikido to promote peaceful understanding, patience, and self-control. One who trains in Aikido gains skills that not only empowers us to deal with physical conflicts, but also as a means and way of living in all aspects of one's life.

The dojo offers a modern, clean, and safe training space in which to learn. With the support of the Lake Forest Sports Complex, we are able to train together in a newly constructed facility in a convenient location.

What we do

Every Aikido class starts with warm-up exercises to get the body ready for techniques. Stretching helps to loosen up all parts of the body and promotes flexibility. Following the exercises, introductory techniques are shown and practiced that provides the foundation for the rest of the class instruction. Each move builds on the next so that students can see how techniques are inter-related.

The basics of rolling are taught and repeatedly practiced by all new and advanced students. It is important to learn this first, as many techniques involve throws in wich the uke (one who gets thrown) will land smoothly and safely. Students with rank are paired with new students to offer their guidance and support.

All people are welcome to train. Anyone of any age can benefit from the way of Aikido and also have fun with our community

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